WICONA Backstage
Head of Key Account Management, Torsten Föllmer

My name is Torsten Föllmer and I am responsible for the Key Account Management department, located in Germany.

Can you summarize the particularities and the role of your department?

Our Key Account Management department in Germany is composed of 11 experienced employees, who are partially based in Ulm and partially deployed in field sales. The team is responsible for supporting elaborations and technical support for customers and field sales team, as well as the Project Manager and Key Account Manager, who are in direct contact with our customers in Germany and also all over the world. Together with these customers, we develop national and international projects using our WICONA products. Almost 70 % of these are custom solutions, which are developed in conjunction with our project service team and the customers.

I am very proud of my team, as each team member has a sense of responsibility to the company and to the customers, and is able to approach each challenge in a flexible manner in order to achieve collective success.

What is your educational background? Why did you choose this vocational field?

I somehow came into training as a fabricator in construction technology quite by chance, and can say with pride that I have now worked in the metal construction business for over 30 years. After my training, I was able to gain further experience in façade construction before I went to technical and master school in Northeim. After more than 10 years as Project Manager for large projects at a reputable façade construction company in Germany, my path then led me to WICONA in 2008. For more than 4 years, I was responsible for architectural consultancy in the region of Southern Germany before I was then appointed as Sales Manager for Key Accounts in Southern Germany. I have now been managing the Key Accounts department in Germany for over 3 years, all the while with a great team around me.

What do you like the most about your job?

The daily challenges with large projects and our discerning customers. We have a lot of different requirements regarding buildings and façades, which always make the work on projects exciting. Also the challenge in the pricing structure of our large projects, which requires renewed courage and determination every day, as well as the necessary instinct to then collectively win the project.

What is your best memory working at WICONA?

Phew, that’s not an easy question, because every time we win a project we feel happy about it, and the feeling that hard work has led to success is a great feeling. But perhaps the biggest and greatest past success for us and for me, was when we won the New Foundland Tower and were able to handle it to the great satisfaction of our customer. Several solutions resulted from this project, which led us to win other projects, and these solutions are today sometimes used in other projects.

How would you describe WICONA in a few words?

For me, WICONA means innovation, family and partnership. WICONA is always one of the first to implement ideas and innovations into new products for successful application in the market. WICONA is one big family for its employees, who prioritise courage, care and collaboration together with our customers.

Picture from left to right: Thomas Staiger, Sebastian Schäfer, Kirill Ullrich, Jochen Krebs, Torsten Föllmer, Timo Lonsinger, Harald Lohner, Michael Spies.

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