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Sales Manager CSEE, Ranka Ezgeta

My Name is Ranka Ezgeta and I am Sales Manager for the Central and Southeastern Europe.

Can you summarize the particularities and the role of your department?

My department represents WICONA in CSEE countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Moldavia. With all the support and trust we got, we go strongly forward. Every country in the CSEE region is different but has the same goal – make WICONA proud, more visible and stronger. My people are passionate and full of energy. I strongly believe in our success.

What do you like the most about your job?

It is a difficult question as I really like my job. I like to see that my work leaves something behind and I like to enjoy the work of my colleagues. By that, I mean a nice project or building, which could be a symbol of some place, but also a nice story, which connects me with lot of people. I like to have challenges. I like to work in a diverse environment – lots of different nationalities, different cultures and different people. Diversity makes me grow into a better person.

What is your educational background? Why did you choose this vocational field?

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. For me this is important as I have a good technical background, which helps me a lot in my everyday work. It is also nice as I can combine a pure rational view on things with my emotional side: empathy and social connection with other people. However, most of my work experience is closely linked to the sales department and management. Sometimes you do not need to find a way, sometimes things just happen, lead you and everything that comes feels so natural.

What is your best memory working at WICONA?

I have a lot of nice memories, to choose the best one is not so easy. I started from zero in Croatia and spent almost 15 years completely alone in this market. In this time, I worked very hard to show how WICONA is a great product. To be awarded the most beautiful project in Croatia during that time, the first designer hotel, Hotel Lone in Rovinj, was a really good feeling. I will never ever forget how proud I was in this moment.

However, if you work hard and with passion, if you have a fun and never give up, if you are surrounded with nice people, then every day is your best memory.

Picture, from left to right: Driton Kukalaj, Bodgan Cojocaru, Saso Koletnik, Dino Vargek, Marin Jovanovac, Mario Štimac, Ranka Ezgeta, Predrag Maricj, Péter Pályi, Narcis Iarca, Ivan Maloca, Alen Nikolic, Álmos Dömötör, Carla Ebert, Nenad Vidovic.

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