Hangvilla, Hungaria
An ambitious polygonal façade project

Aluminium profile systems manufacturer WICONA has partnered with a Hungarian architectural design team and a metal builders group on a large-scale new project: Hangvilla.

Located in the urban area of Veszprém, some 100km from Hungarian capital Budapest, Hangvilla is a multifunctional social area. Built on the site of a former cinema in Veszprém city centre, it was designed to educate and inspire local residents about the arts.

Hangvilla will bring Veszprém’s arts scene into the 21st Century by hosting concerts and events. It features a concert hall and theatre, ideal for social get-togethers and exhibitions.

Some six years in the making, the project was completed thanks to WICONA’s industry-leading contributions to the area’s façades. WICONA was approached by Budapest-based metal builders Nordikal, one of the largest metal builders in Hungary, to provide curtainwall solutions for the main event areas.

In addition, WICONA worked alongside architectural designers Frontoplan, who provided the workshop drawings for Nordikal.

Hangvilla was no ordinary project, and Nordikal needed a supplier they could rely on to meet the project’s ambitious architectural demands. This particular construction would require a special polygonal façade due to its ‘amoeba’ shape.

This unique shape required every connection in the façade to be a different angle. It would require an immense amount of planning from Frontoplan, and surgical precision from Nordikal during production.

The WICONA team offered their exclusive WICTEC 50 polygonal façade solution, featuring a rotatable gasket and special mullions. This also sped up the production process for metal builders Nordikal. They further benefited advanced static calculations, making the large distance between anchoring points completely safe.

A spokesperson for Nordikal said: “We noted that WICONA had an impressive portfolio of catalogue profiles for this particular type of high, polygonal façade. Their solutions worked perfectly with our WARWIC bolzen, a product chosen by our customers to improve sun-shading.

“Thanks to these ideal technical solutions, plus a very reasonable project price, we chose WICONA without question.” WICONA also provided its WICLINE 65 evo aluminium window solutions, offering additional heat protection.

The resulting finished project featured:

  • An intricate mullion-transom façade with a 50mm face width
  • Special pressure ledges with a concealed sun shading guide

Since 1948, German-based WICONA has been supplying custom-made window, façade, door, sunshade and folding-sliding systems. Nordikal was established in 2008, with offices in Budapest including a new workshop in Pakozd.

Ranka EZGETA, Sales Manager CSEE, at WICONA, said: “We were thrilled to partner with Nordikal and Frontoplan to execute the Hangvilla project. Our teams gelled together efficiently, and we’re proud of our resulting contribution to Hungary’s arts scene."