WICONA Backstage
North-East sales office, Ulrich Cundius

My name is Ulrich Cundius and I am responsible for the North-East sales office, located in Leipzig.

Can you summarize the particularities and the role of your department?

We opened our first office together with our fittings partner, esco, in Nikolaistraße in February 1991. Other locations were Wurzener Straße (1992-1994), then Wittenberger Straße (1994-2011), then in June 2011 we ended up at Johann-Eck–Straße 2. We designed the workspace to meet our requirements and so have felt right at home here since the very beginning. We have excellent working conditions, looking out across the city rooftops, in a building with WICONA structures. But, of course, the employees are the most important part. I take responsibility for eleven employees, who are assigned to the office. In addition, another four people work in application technology at this location.

Together with our colleagues in the sales offices, we assume responsibility for sales tasks in the North-East Region (New German Federal States plus Upper Franconia). We advise, inspire, sell and support WICONA products to fabricators, regional architects, investors, general businesses and others. One part of the team (field sales) assumes responsibility on site, with face-to-face discussions at customer premises; the other part handles sales tasks from the office.

Our daily tasks include presenting WICONA products, researching and presenting construction projects to fabricators, producing quotations, supporting work preparation, manufacturing, organising seminars, in-house training courses, etc. In addition to the comprehensive WICONA product range, the range also covers WICONA’s software programs WICTOP, WICTIP, and all other digital media that are available to us. But added-value products such as surfaces, FLUTZ profiles, glass, T90 elements or even tools also form part of our product spectrum.

So you see, it’s a very varied and interesting area of responsibility.

Teamwork is vital for our success. This involves cooperation between the field sales team and the internal sales team in Leipzig, as well as with all other departments, of course. This is the only way in which we can fulfil our main task – customer satisfaction.

What is your educational background? Why did you choose this vocational relevance?

As an engineer by trade, I wanted to play an active part in building up the New Federal States after German reunification, especially my home city of Leipzig. Through a happy circumstance, in the spring of 1990, my wife and I became acquainted with the managing director of WICONA Bausysteme. Following discussions in Ulm in May with Reinhold Heinzle, Hans Götschel and Otto Fischer, both sides knew that we wanted to build something together in the New Federal States. Together with my wife, I started working here on 1 September 1990. My “love” for WICONA is as strong today as it was on the first day.

What do you like at most in your job?

In my position as Sales Manager for the North-East region of Germany I have, on the one hand, the opportunity to lead a team and to improve myself and my colleagues a little bit more every day, and on the other hand, along with my team, to be a strong and reliable partner to our customers by fulfilling our tasks.

What is your best memory in WICONA?

That is a hard question to answer. In 29 years, I have had many great experiences, and to rate them – that’s difficult. For me, the greatest moments are when our customers are satisfied. This is also a compliment to the work of the entire WICONA team, and that makes me proud.

Most recently, one of the ways we achieved this was with our stand at the exhibition. I remember one visitor, who praised us for our stand at the exhibition and recognised that WICONA quickly implements topics raised by the market and places them as products.

And this assessment also reflects our Hydro values – care, courage and collaboration.

We nurture cooperation, recognise market requirements and implement them in a responsible manner. WICONA is a strong partner for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions, something which, for example, the subject of INFINITE ALUMINIUM puts into practice.

WICONA offers an exceptional working environment, whatever your career path and aspirations.