Connecting people
to simplify the process

The building industry today is a fast moving and challenging environment. WICONA offers IT tools which will allow anyone involved in a building project to exchange vital information (3D models, BIM requirements, technical drawings, mechanical information and prices) in a fast and effective way. Our WICONA fully interconnected IT solutions also bring a competitive advantage: simplifying and speeding up day-to-day tasks to make you and your business more efficient.

Dear WICONA Partners,

For more than 20 years, WICONA and its WICTOP software have consistently helped its customers get the most out of every project.

Using customer feedback, WICONA developed new features for every release of WICTOP, assisting with design & creation all the way through to purchasing and ordering. Other improvements included design prototyping, planning, production, manufacturing and much more.

Now, the time has now come for another step forward - WICTOP 8.1.

In WICTOP 8.1, users can now integrate drawing production (CAD DWG/issue DXF), define & detail glass or panels within an object, see a “real time” online overviews of stock and track their own orders, saving time thanks to the interface with ERPlus.

Dr-Ing Werner Jager, Technical & Marketing Director

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